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Livingston Parish Assessor

Meet the staff of the Livingston Parish Assessor's Office.
Working hard every day to accurately and fairly assess your property.
Residential Team:
Front Row L to R:
Paul, Dave, Scarlett, Marsha, Rick, Jim

Back Row L to R:
Tim, Danny, David, Danny, Gerald

Commercial Team:
L to R:
Gene, Bubba, Brittany, Mike, Greg, Justin
L to R:
Whitney, Media, Patty, Krysta, Garrett
Front Row L to R:
Whitney, Samantha, Bailey, Candina

Back Row L to R:
Bonnie, Danita, Krysta, Media, Arnette, Kristyn, Dianne, Tammy, Cindy, Keri
Administrative Team
Cindy  & Molli